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The Faint

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The Faint Community

Step 1. Click here.
Step 2. Introduction layout [[optional of course]]:

The Rules:

These Rules are not "made to be broken." For most of you, the following stanzas aren't rules at all! Do your best to follow them, please and thank-you.

Whether you're selling, bragging, or informing, please make your entry Faint related!!

If you have pictures bigger than 300x300 pixels, re-size them or put them under a cut. Possibly including a warning would be decent. (ex: Not dial-up safe!)
Use the following lj tag:

For a nifty lil' message, use this lj tag:

(((I have the habit of writing "lj-cute"... Try not to do that.)))

Promoting is not acceptable and will lead to your promo being no more. My apologies, but use your own journal for that business or surf on over to community_promo.

Standard English grammar is probably the best idea. 51/\/(3 /\/\057 0|= `/0|_| |)0/\/'7 |_|/\/|)3|2574/\/|) 1337 5|D34|< or ppl hoo typ lyke thiz.

Show respect to your fellow Faint fans. You have at least one thing in common... How grand! While you're at it, make friends!

This community is maintained by puddle_berry.

If you have any questions or concerns about the maintenance of this community, do not hesitate to contact me with your inquiries.

Current community image provided by: filipianist.

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