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The Faint concert shirt for auction. [09 Jul 2010|09:30am]


Hello everyone. I hope this is allowed and I promise to only post this once.
On ebay I am currently auctioning an XL The Faint t-shirt that I got from a concert a couple years ago. It has been worn no more than 2 or 3 times and is in great condition. Starting price for this shirt is .99 CENTS!

If interested, here is the link to the ebay auction: LINK

Thank you and happy bidding! :)

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The Faint/Los Angeles/The Wiltern/Nov. 5th: Photos [07 Nov 2008|01:23pm]

The Faint/Los Angeles/The Wiltern/Nov. 5th

The Faint _DSC0268x.jpg

+more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hazyskyline/sets/72157608739031632/

If anyone wants to use any of these for anything just let me know cause they were taken for press purposes!

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Interview with The Faint's Todd Fink [08 Oct 2008|06:20pm]

There is a really informative interview with The Faint's Todd Fink here: http://popwreckoning.wordpress.com/2008/10/08/interview-with-todd-fink-of-the-faint/

He talks about everything from the band to Goo to art projects.

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Interview with Todd [24 Jul 2008|05:38pm]

Hi! I write for a blog called Rock Sellout and I interviewed Todd on Tuesday. Thought it might be of interest...

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[24 Jun 2008|09:36pm]

New Faint Website!

Their new website is awesome and it talks about their new album releasing on August 5, 2008. Also, there are some tour dates up! I'll post em for ya'll. I've been getting into my reminiscent phase listening to The Faint albums on vinyl (finally purchased recently). I'm glad they are kicking back into gear with another album. Hooray for future dancing days!

Their new website: http://www.thefaint.com/fasciinatiion

Tour dates/Tickets: Found on Ticketmaster and through eTix
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[17 Sep 2007|07:58am]

Check out my items for sale!!
Check out my items for sale!!
The Difference Between Houses And Homes - Cursive$5.59
Silver Scooter/Cursive [EP]$2.59
Danse Macabre Remixes - The Faint $0.99!!!
Blank-Wave Arcade - The Faint $2.59
Danse Macabre - The Faint $2.59
Welcome To The Middle - Laguardia $0.49!!!

I also have these cd's for sale in this auction. Just reply for purchase. I accept paypal. US only please:
Miss Machine by Dillinger Escape Plan $4
They're Only Chasing Safety by Underoath $5
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[13 Jun 2007|12:00am]


They have a YouTube Channel, just like every other band alive. haha... pretty good stuff!

There's also this clear, beautiful, 96mb version here
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[14 Dec 2006|03:49pm]

[ mood | fulfilled and amazed ]

were those shows amazing or WHAT!?

Went to the hollywood show, with ladytron and ratatat and DJ steve aoki.

then Long Beach with Ratatat

then Pomona with deadly syndrome and Passage.

three nights IN-A-ROW

Got to meet Dapose and speak with Clark and probly coulda snuck a handshake or pic with the rest of the fellas but didnt want to bother them or be TOO fanatic.
but Dapose was chill he was more than willing to take a pic and say hello, as was clark.
the guys left the venue mid day to walk down to amoeba, when they came back we managed to get to meet both of em.

click some shots and other stuff, click

i dont know if i should be saying anything, nor will i give too much away, like my source (but trust me its genuine) but we may have to wait a lil while for the new album.

hopefully not as long as expected but could be after the summer.. thats all im gonna say.

so see ya all next year, durin the next tour.
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[06 Dec 2006|07:33am]

[ mood | anxious ]

1. Name//Age:Brady 20
2. Location:Southern Cal
3. First time you heard The Faint: stole friends CD player and he had them in there, thought it was interesting stuff at first and they slowly became my fav band..ever. saw them 6 months later and seen then 3 times since then.
4. Albums you own: ALL on Vinyle and CD
5. Favorite Album: Danse Macabre
6. Favorite Song: Agenda Suicide/Worked up/your retro career/conductor...
7. Seen them live//where?: Mayan, Los Angeles. Coachella Music Fest, Coachella Valley, Indio. Anaheim. soon to be Hollywood, Long Beach, Pomona..one after the other.

Has anyone seen any of the recent shows? im curious do they play new stuff?
the anticipation is killing me.

im seeing them thursday in hollywood, friday in long beach, and saturday in pomona. but i wanna know now haha.

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I bring icons, yo! [14 Nov 2006|10:08pm]

Remember to comment (optional) and credit (necessary)!!! Don't forget to join stardust_alley for frequent updates!

[10] "Worked Up So Sexual" by The Faint Lyric Icons
[8] Bleach Icons
[2] Prince of Tennis Color Bars (Rikkai and Hyotei)

1.) 2.)

What's it like to have a room of guys encircling you?
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